Hardscape Superintendent Job Description


Purpose and Description


Job Description – Superintendent, Hardscape Department, Construction Division


The Hardscape Superintendent a leader and the most critical role within the Construction Division of Gibson Landscape.  The Hardscape Superintendent is responsible for the successful completion of hardscape construction projects containing a high level of detail and quality execution to such a level that repeat business is earned and relationships grow.  Leadership in directing and coordinating efficient and productive work is required; managing materials through eliminating waste; managing labor costs and hours through updated schedule management and two week look aheads; protect and maintain equipment by inspecting operator expectations; other costs and subcontractors through schedule coordination.  Maintaining communications with employees, management, customers and owners (stakeholders) while managing expectations to high quality standard is mandatory.  This exceptional individual or “A player” takes ownership of the results while asserting continual discipline for heading off issues before they become big problems.

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