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The completion of Duke’s 2.5-acre Learning Center was part of a four-project, $1 billion consortium. Our job was to create a LEED Gold pedestrian walkway and urban infill between the university’s academic and medical campuses. A combination of sustainable elements, detailed hardscape construction, water systems and lush landscapes contributed to the final result.

Due to 30 feet in site elevation, special focus was given to the placement of all paved surfaces to maintain ADA compliance. Sustainable water elements include bioretention terraces, a stormwater fountain, runnel system and irrigation system powered by rainwater captured in cisterns.

We hit the pavement with expansive paving and plaza treatments blending exposed aggregate walks, Pennsylvania bluestone, decomposed granite and custom precast concrete pavers. Masonry work also included specialized “Duke Stone” wall veneer, precast cap and step tread.

Rounding out the finishing touches are railings and stainless feature inserts, cast in place concrete walls, curb and gutter, asphalt paving, underdrain system within biochambers, biosoils, basins, waterproofing, site furnishings, planters and mature plantings.

Time was the biggest challenge in this project. We had a just 4 months to complete it amidst utility-related delays. Despite the time crunch, we delivered a beautifully sustainable campus space just in time for the start of a new semester.

“Installing jobs of large scale can sometimes lead to overlooking details. However, this is where Gibson Landscape excels and separates itself from the competition.” - Land planning/Design partner