Atlanta’s Fourth Ward | Innovative Construction Techniques

by: Gibson

At Gibson, we pride ourselves on the successes of our hardscape teams. Because of their hard work and dedication, we continuously provide a high-quality finished product that is complete on time or before deadlines. The Fourth Ward Project is no exception and our crews were, yet again, innovative in their processes.

One unconventional construction method that was utilized in this project is our hanging stairs technique. Instead of the traditional process of forming and creating a staircase, Gibson teams framed the stairs upside down. It’s much like the framing in the raters of a house. Crews can pour everything underneath the framing and there is no damage to the finish. Concrete sets, the framing is removed and the end result is a perfectly finished out staircase.

Of course, the way our team moved concrete from the Fourth Ward Plaza up to the Beltline Plaza was ingenious. Parking each truck far enough away from the crash wall of the parking deck, attaching the longest boom possible, and finishing with hundreds of feet of line pumps. Let’s not forget that 40 foot change in grade.

Additionally, our Atlanta-based warehouse provided adequate space to create mock-ups and the ability to preassemble site elements such as the benches and swings. This created a conditioned space for our crews to get creative while, at the same time, a team was on-site prepping the area for the installation.

Lastly, our unique tracking software shows the GPS location of each piece of equipment. How does this help construction? When equipment needs servicing, our crew members can create a work order on-site to immediately notify our mechanic of the issue. He receives the notification on his device and automatically knows where he’s needed. The same is true for equipment delivery. Our driver is immediately alerted on his device and equipment is on the way.

These are just the highlights from one project that show how we’re thinking innovatively at Gibson. Of course, there are different needs for each project; however, we’re of the mindset that each problem has a solution. We just need to find it.

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